Terence Chabe

Business Development Manager, Capital Markets @ Colt

Terence works as Business Development Manager at Colt Capital Markets, on-boarding providers and members to the Colt PrizmNet financial extranet, including relationship management of exchanges, venues, content providers, ISV’s and strategic partners. Terence’s role also encompasses identifying Cloud and Colt IQ opportunities alongside a focus on Industry trends such as AI, regulation, risk modelling, blockchain and new geographical markets. Terence joined Colt from ICE Data Services as a Senior Sales Specialist and before that at Thomson Reuters as an Account Manager working closely with a variety of clients including Hedge Funds, Investment Banks, Investment Management, Commodity and Energy firms, as well as London-based Representative Banks. Prior to Thomson Reuters, Terence worked as Sales Manager at Odyssey Logic, a company developing bespoke algorithmic trading software and the second company to write Bloomberg’s API.