Lucile Brusson

Vice President - Market Data Management @ Uniper Global Commodities SE

Lucile joined the company in 2013 and is responsible for the overall Market Data Management strategy of the Group. Her current responsibilities, as Vice President Sourcing Market Data Management, are covering supply market intelligence, usage analysis, contract negotiation and sourcing management.

Starting as a Senior Sourcing Expert, Lucile had the opportunity to lead the Market Data Optimisation Project for 2 years and set up the global Market Data Management team for the Group. This project didn’t only deliver a solid record of significant cost savings and operational improvements but also provided a better awareness and understanding of the company’s data usage. Prior to this experience, Lucile worked within the Procurement and Commercial Warranty Management departments at Siemens Wind Power in Denmark.

Having the CMI Leadership and Management diploma, Lucile also holds a Master’s degree in Supply Chain and International Purchasing Management from the Ecole de Management Strasbourg.