Dr. Aiken Leung

Senior Director of Global Channel Development @ Solace

Dr Aiken Leung is a Senior Director of Global Channel Development from Solace. While working with major partners on many IoT and FSI projects across Asia Pacific and Europe, Aiken is also an evangelist and architect in distributed architecture, hybrid cloud solutions, edge computing and their applications in Financial Services industry. He has been working with major banks and Fintech companies in designing open market data platform and open banking platform. Aiken has nearly 30 years of hardware and software design, development and project management experience. Started with a career in the UK, Aiken worked on applications for human genetic research before working on the largest civilian IT project in the world – the UK National Health Service (NHS) project. He then worked for BEA and Oracle middleware teams prior joining Solace. Aiken has a Doctorate Degree in Biomedical Engineering and an MBA from Oxford, UK. His research expertise was on medical imaging and acoustic modelling of human respiratory system.